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Benjamin Dyett – Town Board Councilman, Elected 11/23

In a Nutshell 

A lawyer, entrepreneur, and dedicated community leader on-and off-Island,  Benjamin brings his unique skill set to the Town Board for the benefit of the Island he has cherished for over three decades. Benjamin is a problem solver with extensive experience building communities and working with others, including those with divergent views. His goals are to help the Board navigate the Island’s problems in a more efficient  manner and to foster a more open and cooperative relationship between the  Board and the public. 

Photo: E P Labrozzi

The Whole Nine Yards 


A Shelter Islander for over 30 years, Benjamin Dyett has worn many hats on land and sea. A lawyer, entrepreneur, community leader, and avid sailor, Benjamin offers his wide experience solving problems and bringing people together to the Town Board as it addresses today’s complex problems and plans for the future.  

A graduate of Boston University and NYU Law school, Benjamin practiced real estate/corporate law for about a decade before embarking on a business career. He is currently a Partner at  DecoGroup – a shared workspace consultancy with global reach and advises corporations and real estate entities on how to incorporate collaborative workspace solutions into their operations.  He was the Co-Founder and former Co-President of Grind – an early premium entrant in the coworking industry. Benjamin founded, funded, operated and/or advised many other successful start-ups.  

Benjamin has a long history of civic/public/private involvement in our community. For example,  in 2019, he was selected by the Town Board to serve on the Comprehensive Plan Advisory  Committee. Since 2009, he has been deeply involved with Sylvester Manor, and helped establish the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and served as Board Chair from 2016-2020, when he played a significant role in government relations, financial planning, and staff hiring. Benjamin’s not-for-profit involvement extends beyond our shores. For example, he is a long-time Board member of HRCS  - an afterschool STEM program for inner-city kids. 

Benjamin offers his decades of expertise in law, business, and charitable organizations for the  benefit of the Town as it balances demands for development, modernization, best use of tax dollars, affordable housing with the need to protect our aquifer, bays, and wetlands. He hopes that his experience with building communities and working with others,  including those with divergent views, will help foster a more open and cooperative relationship between the Town Board and the public. 

In a 2016 Reporter profile, Benjamin is quoted as saying: “Really smart entrepreneurs realize  that they don’t know everything …the best way to be successful is by sharing expertise with  other people who have something that you can learn.” He believes the same approach applies  to serving in Town government. Benjamin and his wife first came to Shelter Island in 1992. They rented a house off Cobbetts  Lane, fell in love with this place, and have been here ever since, currently living at the site of the  former Jennings dairy farm on Burns Road. They have one Gen Z daughter and a large furry  dog.  

A life-long Democrat, Benjamin has voted here for a long time. He has supported Democratic candidates and issues since his youth in White Plains,, where his parents were active in the  Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.


Click here to see Benjamin’s 2016 Shelter Island Reporter profile:  

Photo: E P Labrozzi

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