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I am running for Town Board to make progress on Shelter Island’s three most important issues: Water, Community Character, and Balanced Development.   
1.  WATER: Protect Our Drinking Water, Bays and Creeks

  • Do not further delay: install advanced (I/A) septic systems at Town Hall, Police Station, Justice Hall, Community Center, and the Firehouse to prevent further deterioration of groundwater in and flowing from the Center. The school did it
    last summer!

  • Provide more help to residents to install I/A systems and require their installation upon the sale of most homes and businesses.  

  • Study water conditions in different parts of the island and develop appropriate solutions.

  • Stop playing games with house size and develop a workable standard or formula
    – no exemptions!

2.  COMMUNITY CHARACTER: Make Affordable Housing Happen Now

  • Make it a TOP priority for the Town Board, by placing an update on the agenda every week.

  • Initiate an all-hands-on-deck approach to accelerate the timeline.

  • Keep the public informed of the reasons for any delays.

3.  BALANCED DEVELOPMENT: Change and Enforce Town Codes—It’s Not
Too Late!

  • Stop allowing structures to be built within 100 feet of the wetlands.

  • Return wetlands decisions to the Town Board now.

  • Obtain independent environmental review of all major projects.

  • Enforce the codes!

I have owned a home on Shelter Island for 41 years and became a year-round resident 

in 2004.
My mission as a Town Board member is to make government responsive and protect our community character and natural resources.
I will listen to everyone.  
I will seek consensus on issues.  
And we will find solutions together.  

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