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Election Information

To Vote for Your Democratic Committee Representative

Primary and Committee Voting:  June 25
General Election: November 5

You can only vote for the representatives in your Election District (ED). To find out which ED you are registered in use this map as a guide or go to: 


To vote in the June 25 Democratic primary and committee election on Shelter Island, you must be registered as a Democrat here. If you are registered as a Democrat elsewhere in New York, you can change your address by June 10; if you are registered in another state (regardless of how) or not registered anywhere, you can register by June 15. See If you are already registered in New York, the deadline for changing your political party registration for the primary has passed. 


To apply for an absentee ballot, go to If you would be interested in helping the Committee campaign please go to or contact

Early Voting

Here's the information for Early Voting for the June 25th Primary Election. Early Voting runs from Saturday, June 15th, through Sunday, June 23rd. Note, that for Early Voting only, one may vote at any of the Early Voting polling locations in Suffolk County.




Voting Information

For General Voter Information

To Contact Suffolk County Board of Elections
Fax 631-852-4590
TTY 631-852-4540

Absentee Ballot Information

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