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Meet the Candidates

Photo: E P Labrozzi

Arnott Gordon Gooding

Photo: E P Labrozzi

Photo: E P Labrozzi

Benjamin I.


for Town Supervisor

for Town Board

for Town Board

Summary of Positions
Use of CPF Properties

To use CPF property for other than the reasons specified by statute (Town Law §64E) is contradictory to the purpose of preserving open space–aquifer recharge, etc.  The Town should not use any existing CPF properties for waste disposal or water retrieval.  If a seller wants to subdivide his or her property for public use of water that should be permissible, but not otherwise.

Centralized Waste System at Manwarring or elsewhere

Since the school has opted for its own advanced septic system, then the project proposed for Manwarring, particularly in light of the concerns of Sylvester Manor’s engineer, no longer makes sense–financially or environmentally.

Solid Waste

Since the Brookhaven site is closing in 2024, it might make sense to encourage more composting on the Island–either as a community site effort or for individual homes and businesses.

Affordable Housing Implementation

The controversy over the Manwarring project has, in fact, forestalled the progress in building  affordable housing. There are a number of Town-owned properties that we could start building on now with individual advanced septic systems.  

Moratorium on Large-Sized Houses 

A moratorium is not likely to be effective. Moreover it’s unnecessary. If the current code was enforced, and special permits weren’t granted willy nilly, the 12,000 sf houses would not be built.

Advanced Septics for Major Home Renovations

Becauses State, County and Town grants are available in instances where home expansion is not involved, the opportunity to reduce nitrogen into the aquifer is readily available, and homeowners should take advantage of the program. When properties transfer, the advanced septic systems should be required.

Wetland Protection – Planning Board Assuming Responsibility for Permits

Removing the responsibility for wetland permit approval from the Town Board to the Planning Board is a dangerous precedent. Members of the Town Board are accountable to the electorate, an appointed committee is not.  In addition, a Town Board process opens the application up to public scrutiny and comment. The Planning Board should be working with organizations like the Group for the East End, the Suffolk County Planning Board so that the  Town receives the benefit of their expertise. As a small town, without paid professionals, we should and must invite the experts in.

Library Expansion

The Library is one of our most well-loved institutions and clearly, based on the extensive use of the library, an expansion is certainly called for. However, since the Town Budget and School Budget remain outstanding, and possible increases remain uncertain, we need hard numbers on what the library expansion will cost taxpayers.

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