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What's Going on? Housing units on Shoreline Areas.

  • Having relinquished its oversight authority over wetlands applications to the unelected planning board, the Town Board will soon consider even more detrimental changes to the town code.

  • The Zoning Code designates and protects certain sensitive shoreline areas of the island from denser development to "...protect selected areas of unique importance to the water and other natural resources of the town". For this reason it prohibits construction of accessory housing units in these areas.

  • Despite this the Towns Community Housing Board is proposing that the town code be changed to allow affordable accessory housing units in these sensitive shoreline areas.

  • Aren't there more workable sites for needed affordable housing than the most environmentally vulnerable areas of the island? Shouldn't the Town Board be looking for more stringent protections, not fewer?

It’s time for a change.

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